Monday, January 31, 2011

how will I continue doing this…

“where there’s a will, there’s a way"
                           - old english proverb

peace out!
I am no rich kid nor am I living on a fat paycheck, so how am I going to continue with this dream… The moment I have decided to fulfill my dreams of travel and adventure, first thing that came to my mind was how I will be able to pursue this. I don't have my own family yet but there is a family who depends on me (breadwinner ba). Honestly it’s not cheap to travel and take on the adventures. That’s when I thought of looking for travel contests, adventure fairs, expo and online stuff where I could join and with luck be chosen as a winner...

Out Of Town Blog is one site I find very helpful, he posts future events giving you the chance to check it out, plan and save money ahead of time. It’s in his site that I came to know of the forthcoming Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival this February that I’ve been dying to see in real life as well as the Philippine Travel Tour Expo also on February where we can get the best and cheaper fares, packages and adventures. 

You can also sign up online with the air carriers here in the Philippines such as Cebu Pacific, SEAIR, ZestAir, AirPhil and PAL to receive promo emails, updates or seat sales. Jayjay and I also vowed to save every month for our future adventures, so that it will not be too heavy on the pocket.

Another thing I found helpful are tour groups/organizers especially if there will be part of your itinerary that you need to share a boat, van or accommodation. You can check Trail AdvenTours and Wow.Trippers for their travel packages. Not only will you be able to save up on money but you will also gain new friends and as what lakwatsera de primera has said “the more the cheaper and merrier”. I also suggest that you also try to come up with a DIY itinerary so you could also weigh which will be much cheaper and sometimes it’s more fun and adventurous doing DIY itineraries.

Last month while going intimate with my bff google and my fave travel bloggers, posted a winter blogger’s tour contest by SEAIR. Without any hesitation I started writing, empowered by my childhood dream (naks!). One big problem was I do not have a site and I do not even know how to create one! Then I remembered one of my best friends who puts into writing her thoughts and ideas in multiply site, good thing she created one for me. I was proud and happy with my entry, it was not one of those begging-to-be-chosen types, I think. It was a simple all text/coming from the heart/humble entry – no wonder it was not chosen haha!

I read the entries that were chosen and boy they were all good, I was smiling while reading as most of the winners where also bloggers that I am frequently visiting. I was neither discouraged nor hopeless, I was again inspired, that was only 1 contest and I know that there are still more to come. Hopefully my entry with will be chosen and if not I will not give up, I might not be chosen but I have discovered this side of me that I am starting to appreciate and enjoy.

While searching the net and looking for another chance for me, I chanced upon journeyingjames telling about the anywhere philippines contest, this is it! Another chance for a hopeful like me. I have been dreaming of traveling sine time immemorial (OA hehe..) Anyways, I was already thinking of Ilocos as my travel destination, but it seems like a big dream (pangarap lang naman ah). But then again anywhere in the Philippines will still be something looking forward to!

With that, I share with you my advocacy in life: Pag gusto maraming paraan, pag ayaw ubod ng daming dahilan. 

Anywhere Philippines is a travel and adventure group that primarily organizes trips for active & adventurous people. Join their weekend trips or customized trips. Solo traveller and barkada trippers welcome!  For inquiries & reservations, kindly contact: email: hotline: 0908.8922570

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goodluck on your trips... you can try reading about monetization of blogs... you may earn a few bucks to help you on your future travels... :-)