Monday, May 14, 2012

snorkeling at the twin rock marine sanctuary

twin rock marine sanctuary
After having our rest at the information area from our Mt.Gulugod Baboy climb, we prepared ourselves to the snorkeling side trip at Twin Rock Marine Sanctuary. The information center has a parking lot for those who wish to bring their own car and a CR (pero naloka ko me malaking bintanang walang tabing!) We also pass by the carinderia to get the lunch we have reserved. We then went down to Philpan Dive Resort where the boat will pick us up.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

our bday climb – mt. gulugod baboy

our bday climb!
I have been planning last year to start 2012 with a mountain climb however there were already several trips planned for the first quarter and it might not be practical and money-wise to climb. Last year I also told myself to at least go out once a month, good thing that our bday month is free and we have not set any plans yet. I have been following several climbing group for the last few months and comparing them. As much as I want to do DIYs, I personally believe that climbing a mountain would be a different thing and that’s when I decided to join with wowtrippers’ mt. gulugod baboy hike and swim trip.