Friday, December 23, 2011

caramoan island hopping

***you can also check caramoan at last HERE

caramoan at last

Kuya Ramil picked us up at Lutong Bahay and went to Paniman beach, the jump off point to Caramoan island hopping. The sky was dark and we’re praying hard not to rain and to give us even a little sunshine. Despite the weather Jayjay and I were excited this will be our first island hopping adventure.  Kuya Ramil brought us first to Cotivas Island, it was the farthest and took us around 40 minutes to reach the island. We pass by a mangrove area that serves as a short cut going to Cotivas. There was already one group enjoying the island.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

caramoan at last

***you can also check our island hopping adventure HERE
caramoan at last!
After my first moment with cebu pacific we finally arrived at Naga Airport, it was raining and several drivers were offering van transportation going to SM Naga or to Filcab station or directly to Sabang port, I heard one quoting P400 up to Sabang port and the other was P250 up to SM Naga. Since I booked this trip way back in February I had a lot of time to research and found that you can just walk to the airport gates and ride a pedicab for only P10 up to the highway and ride a bus or jeep going to Filcab Terminal just beside SM Naga for only P15 and that’s what we did. From Filcab Terminal there were vans en route to different towns in Camarines Sur, it was just like the van terminals in the malls in Manila there were markers where the van was heading. What worries us was that we might not arrive on time for the last boat going to Caramoan. Fare is P100 per head, we left at 9.30AM and arrived at Sabang port at 11.25AM.

our moment with cebu pacific

killing time
I was able to book a Cebu Pacific Naga flight for me and Jayjay last February during the PTAA travel expo. I was happy that I had a good deal at 50% off then I learned that you can still get a much better deal that 50% off with these airlines seat sale (excited kasi first timer) it was still a good deal, not bad.

Friday, December 16, 2011

boracay with the girls

boracay at last!

I was truly hesitant with this trip. They have been bugging me to go on vacation. Since I’ve discovered my thirst to visit places I do not often think twice, but this one was different, my concern – budget. I do not earn as nice as them and I have a family to support. True that we really need money to go places but I strongly believe that there’s always a way to spend less and save money.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

boracay activities

One of the things that excites me about Boracay are the activities that you can enjoy, I’ve read and heard that there are a lot to choose from. Being the sporty me one of the things that I searched when we arrived in Boracay are the activities that I can try, I already noticed the parasails (mukhang mamahalin), speedboats (ekis! Bukod sa mamahalin baka magsuka lang ako) and banana boats (have not tried it yet but with kikay girls chances are 50-50). There are also island hopping tours (pwede pwede), helmet diving (definitely want to try) and ATV (nasa top 3 list to do) to name a few. Several people with laminated pictures approached our group offering tours and activities. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Le Soleil de Boracay

Le Soleil de Boracay

There are two things that I always consider in accommodation, clean and safe enough for us to sleep and nice staff. When we go places our main goal is to go explore the place and there is no point of spending most of your time inside your room, might as well not travel at all if that’s what you will do. A nice staff will also make your stay more relaxing. You might not have the clean and safe place but if they have the nice staff you may request them to do something about your room. You may have a clean room but rude stuff then you just have to bear and endure that, anyway you will not spend most of your time dealing with them. But if you have bad accommodation with rude stuff well I think you know what to do, look somewhere else haha!