Monday, April 25, 2011

cainta at lent

I have lived my whole life in Cainta and have loved everything about it... Cainta is the first municipality in the province of Rizal, I oftentimes joke about it as the foot of the mountain and even if it’s a 1.5-hour drive from Manila (2.5 hours in worst traffic) I always say that I’m from Region 4. There were no beaches nor great historical landmarks that can be associated with it, but the town is rich in colorful traditions...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

baguio in a rush

baguio bee!

OLA!!!!! This is how I greet my aunties and uncle upon arriving home hehe… It's been a while I missed this!

Moving on from my dragging March, I am ready to face the world again. One lazy morning (around 7am) after a nonsense, fruitless OT at work, I received a text message from jayjay asking me if I want to join them in Baguio for an overnight stay, he was in Tarlac and they will be leaving at 10am (goodluck kung umabot ako nasa Rizal kaya ako). It was a big mental debate whether or not to join them. Joining them means goodbye attendance bonus, 1 unpaid working day, up for 24 hours already and not in proper attire (my travelling stuff were in Manila) but joining them and meeting his ‘lil sis and mom coupled with bonding time with raquel and diko and with kuya dennis - PRICELESS!... and without batting an eyelash I was all set and already heading to cubao ready to hail the first bus going to Baguio. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a dragging March

For most Filipinos it was the kick-off for summer, but for me it was a slow, frustrating and a dragging March...

I’m not the type of person who sulks when something bad or something wrong happened, that's why I always want to settle things right away there and then. But I can’t help but be sad for this month. No wandering (I was aiming of wandering at least once a month and I felt like I lost precious time for being idle for a month), less bonding moments, putting all effort mentally, physically, financially (at lahat na ng '-ly') for 5 months and having to wait for another 6 months only to find out I did not made the cut, haist!

But with all the things in life that I’ve been through and even if the Lord still keeps on testing me once in a while, I have learned that he will not give me something that I cannot handle but it was tough... 

sanmig light lang katapat nito e, tara shot! :)