Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a dragging March

For most Filipinos it was the kick-off for summer, but for me it was a slow, frustrating and a dragging March...

I’m not the type of person who sulks when something bad or something wrong happened, that's why I always want to settle things right away there and then. But I can’t help but be sad for this month. No wandering (I was aiming of wandering at least once a month and I felt like I lost precious time for being idle for a month), less bonding moments, putting all effort mentally, physically, financially (at lahat na ng '-ly') for 5 months and having to wait for another 6 months only to find out I did not made the cut, haist!

But with all the things in life that I’ve been through and even if the Lord still keeps on testing me once in a while, I have learned that he will not give me something that I cannot handle but it was tough... 

sanmig light lang katapat nito e, tara shot! :) 

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