Monday, May 14, 2012

snorkeling at the twin rock marine sanctuary

twin rock marine sanctuary
After having our rest at the information area from our Mt.Gulugod Baboy climb, we prepared ourselves to the snorkeling side trip at Twin Rock Marine Sanctuary. The information center has a parking lot for those who wish to bring their own car and a CR (pero naloka ko me malaking bintanang walang tabing!) We also pass by the carinderia to get the lunch we have reserved. We then went down to Philpan Dive Resort where the boat will pick us up.

philpan dive resort jump off point
Most of us already dived into the water at the Philpan jump off point and according to Jalaman there’s already good marine life at where we were. Travel time to the Twin Rock Marine Sanctuary was around 45 minutes and we saw a lot of diving resorts along the Anilao coast. There were even a lot of boats parked attending to scuba divers under water. I’ve been to Anilao before and stayed with a fishing community and have heard a lot of good stories about the high biodiversity of marine life in Anilao and no wonder why Filipino and even foreign diving enthusiasts were loving Anilao.

dive resorts along anilao coast
dive boats attending to divers

There were several boats with divers about to scuba dive when we arrived. There was a store where we docked and choose a spot to eat our lunch. After eating one by one left the shore and with their snorkeling gears they dived, Jayjay and I does not know yet how to swim (yes we’re planning to learn how to swim as we need this in our trips) we wore life vest together with others who also does not know how to swim.

lunch by the sea
If you have aqua shoes or stapped on slippers I suggest you wear it, the stones were sharp Jayjay and a few of us had cuts on their foot. We borrowed my niece’s snorkels and Jayjay had a blast, as usual he does not show it but he stayed in the water for almost the entire stay snorkeling. I was smiling when I tried it, it was a different world under water, I saw different fish and beautiful corals. According to them what I saw was not yet the best and Jayjay was encouraging me to snorkel further out so I can enjoy much beautiful marine life.

small orange in the pix was jayjay enjoying the snorkels
The group rest for a while and we bought coffee in the store and pansit canton for merienda. After eating they went back to the water. I stayed in the shallow waters and enjoyed the sun. We left at 2PM because according to our boatmen waters could be rough in the afternoon. Philpan Dive Resort collects P60 fee per head, according to Jalaman it was for using the resort as docking area and for staying there while waiting for our boat but we can use their shower and comfort rooms. I have no problem paying but I think the fee was a too expensive.

tara ng magpaitim magpa-tan!

After cleaning up we had another merienda at the carinderia, we had lomi for P25 and halo halo  for P25, I did not anymore ask why halo halo in Mt. Gulugob Baboy was at P35.

yum yum yum!
Another memorable and enjoyable experience for Jayjay and me, this will not be the first and last snorkeling trip we’ll do, that’s for sure. We’re already craving for more!

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