Tuesday, February 22, 2011

18th travel tour expo 2011

I have been waiting for this expo for quite some time, I was hoping that I could score some good deals for local travel from this event (wala pa kasi akong passport grrr, at hindi pa kaya ng budget ang international). It was just 30 minutes after it opened on its second day and there were already a good number of visitors. There were a lot of expo exhibitors, from international to domestic airlines, big time travel agencies to small scale travel agents, they were all there.

After paying P50 entrance fee, I entered at the right side of the SMX expo hall. There were already people checking out the booths and several exhibitors were also giving out flyers, travel guides and magazines which feature their respective booths. Foreign exhibitors were even giving out additional goodies for local travel agencies who will leave their calling cards. 

I want to make sure that I would be able to check out all booths so I started at the right side making sure that I will pass through all of them. One travel agency was already working their butts out as people lined up to make reservations. It was quite overwhelming as they have pasted at the top of their booth their local and international travel promos in different neon-colored papers (kahilo!). But it seems that they have good deals as a lot of people were checking them out.  
pila balde!
There were also booths that showcase arts and crafts, while others looked like they have really prepared to entice customers and there were some that really stands out. Most of the best sellers were the domestic airlines offering good deals and travel agencies offering international tour packages.  There was also a stage where exhibitors have prepared shows and food stands at the back portion of the hall.
Thai exhibitors
belly dancers
I came to know about the expo from the out of town blog and when I have read an entry from weekend haven, she was able to book a Corregidor tour for half the price, the reason why I wanted to attend this event (ang babaw noh). I was almost halfway through the hall but I have still not seen the Sun Cruises booth yet. As much as I wanted to take advantage of the tour packages of the travel agencies, I was thinking that I would still be able to save money if I will do it DIY style. Anyways, I was almost at the other end of the hall when I saw the Sun Cruises booth (yippee!). I told the girl in the booth that I thought they were not in the event coz I’ve been looking for them since I came in, she told me that the booths were alphabetically arranged that’s why they were at the other side of the hall (ay nganga! Oo nga naman alphabetical!) I bought 3 sets of tickets (bayad na ung isa sakin, ung isa magbayad na hehe) and the tour includes Corregidor day tour with guide and lunch (originally priced at P2,000) and Manila Bay Dinner Cruise (originally priced at P500) that you can use on different dates and good until September 30. For this event only they were giving these for only P1500. I think that it was a good deal since I have not been to Corregidor and have not been to a romantic/semi formal/by the bay dinner (walang halong pagrereklamo yan ha). 
Sun Cruises Booth
I was already excited for the trip and was already contented but when I was about to leave the hall I saw Cebu Pacific’s booth with a large ad that they were offering 50% off travel fares. Without any hesitation I fall in line (bahala na si batman!). After 10 minutes in line I started asking myself what am I doing here. I do not want to travel by air without jayjay experiencing it with me and he will only be available after November to do hardcore out of town adventures. Good thing that the travel period is until December of this year.
waiting patiently...
It was a long, dragging line but I kept myself planted on the ground (bahala na talaga si batman!). People around me were mostly planning to travel abroad since it was a good promo to take advantage of but I don’t care (e pano kasi wala ka pang passport noh!) all I want was to be able to take advantage of the promo fare. I booked 2 round trip tickets to Naga. People might think why Naga when you have the chance to book Boracay or Bohol or Davao. 

When it was my turn at the reservation counter I just blurted out “Naga po”. My mother was from Bicol and there was a time when I was a kid that my family lived there, since then I have never been to Bicol again. My lola used to tell me that I am fluent in speaking the Bicol dialect when I was a kid, I do still understand some words but will already be lost in translation (language barrier ba). Also the first itinerary that I have created was a Bicol adventure. :)


Chyng said...

woot! congrats for not being disappointed at this expo. i was there too. ang konti ng good deals. i just go gaga over some diving gears. haha

and goodluck on your naga trip! =)

thepinaysolobackpacker said...

awst! sayang, na-miss ko to. :(

*mOmOt KuYiT* said...

@chyng: sayang hindi kita nakita magpapaicture pa naman ako :)

@the pinaysolobackpacker: sayang naman... sabi ko pa naman pag me nakita ko senyo talagang magpapapicture ako :)