Tuesday, May 3, 2011

summer family fun

"always think of the family"
                          - quote from my tita pong

If you're domiciled within the first few towns of the Rizal province and you're on a tight budget but would want to enjoy summer and have quality bonding time with your family, worry no more! There are several cheap and budget-friendly resorts in Binangonan Rizal.

It's been awhile since our whole clan enjoyed a summer vacation, since me and my sister were able to save enough amount to treat our family we decided that now is the best time. And with small amount means near/cheap/can be easily accessed/kid and kids at heart-friendly venue. I remember when I was young that we already used to go to these resorts for a day swim.

colorful flags will greet you
No reservations needed unless you will be a big group or will conduct seminars or team buildings. I pressured my titas to have everything ready by 7 AM so we can leave early and with the peak season I'm positive that there will be lots of people going there. We arrived at Lakevilla at around 9 AM and there were already a good number of people inside. These resorts are not those high-end types. During summer and peak season you need to be a "cowboy" and "not choosy" if you want to go here as you might hit someone's legs or elbowed other people's stomach as you swim, or if you have a kid you might have difficulty pinpointing who is your kid in the pool (kuha mo). But during off peak season it's a different story of course.

the kiddie pool
pathway to the private rooms that can be rented for overnight stay
We have a small family and with family C not joining us, we're a total of only 11 people. My sister was a little hesitant at first because she has 2 little kids and does not want to have a problem looking out for them in the pool. That's when she noticed a gated pool with no people inside and asked the personnels about it. It was their private pool that you can rent for P200/pax and there was a hall that you can use and all you need was a table which you can rent for P100. Without hesitation we reserved it right away. The normal entrance fee per pax is P120 plus cottage rent of P500-P800 depending on the size, it was a good deal and we're sure that there will be no one else who will join us there (they can accomodate 2-3 groups in their private pool).

private pool
hall that serves as cottage for the private pool users
napasigaw ako sa slide no joke
The pool was big enough and the deepest part was only 5 feet good for people who do not know how to swim (like me hehe). The pool has a slide that kids and kids at heart will enjoy as well as a mini slide (Little Tykes) for kids below 1 year old. You can also stay overnight and they have rooms that you can rent. There was a jacuzzi but looks like it was not used for quite some time. There's a parking lot for those who wish to bring cars. There was also a construction going on at the back of the parking lot for the expansion of the resort.

It was a simple, not so "bonggacious" but totally enjoyable summer family fun. We are a small family and are very close with each other and I want everyone to have fun. The kids enjoyed it and the kids at heart loved it!

peace out!

BY PUBLIC TRANSPO - from Junction Cainta / Robinson's Big R - take a jeepney with Bingangonan Double Highway route, tell the driver to drop you off at Lakevilla, they all know it :)

WITH PRIVATE VEHICLE - from junction you may want to take the Ortigas Extension going to Tikling, from Tikling intersection turn right and simply follow the road or just follow the jeepneys as they were all be using the same road as you are. The resort will be at the right side in front of a school.


roman leo reyman said...

Summer isn't complete without family bonding!

*mOmOt KuYiT* said...

@ roman: sinabi mo pa :)