Wednesday, June 1, 2011

enchanted kingdom

"the magic lives on"
                 - enchanted kingdom

I'm not fond of company outings maybe because since I started working years ago the company I've worked for had only 1 company outing (kaya naman pala e). Anyways, I was with a new company now and they have been doing company outing since they started operation. For this year's summer outing, they decided to treat all employees at Enchanted Kingdom. At first I was thinking whether to join or not, good thing 2 of my close friends who were also previous office mates will join. It was also an all-expense paid summer outing - so why not!!!

I have been to Enchanted Kingdom once when I was in college. Back then there were only a few rides. Now they have added new attractions that people of all ages may enjoy. One of their newest attractions was the EK Biki World. Located beside the parking lot, it was like a mini resort but instead of the normal pools several inflatable pools were all over the area. The deepest pool was like 3 feet only and were very kid-friendly. Personally I think I will not go on a summer outing with family or friends here (not unless its free hehe). But for people who would want to try it for the first time you may surely try and charge it to experience.

It was a gloomy Sunday morning when we arrived. After the company summer program, games and recognitions, then came lunch. It was buffet that the company arranged with EK, they also have their catering services that big groups may use (medyo matabang lang timpla nila). It started raining while we're having lunch and it seems that it has no intention of stopping. It was only a drizzle so we decided to head to the theme park and enjoy the rides.

pa-tweetums na roller coaster
ewan ko lang kung ano tawag nila dito
Despite the gloomy weather it was still jam-packed. People of all ages were all over the place. I'm no dare devil and is afraid of heights, but I am willing to try the rides as long as my 2 companions will try it with me. Pressed with time and with long lines, unfortunately we were able to try only 4 rides. Inside I was thankful that the space shuttle has the longest line ever (tapang tapangan lang ako pero para kong hihimatayin sa takot pa lang, what more pag nakasakay nako susmaryosep!)
who does not want to try the anchor's away
view of the space shuttle from the top of the ferris wheel
ala problem child the movie
 I think no person will not love the Enchanted Kingdom, people of all ages will enjoy the park. From dare devil rides to "pa-sweet" and "pa-tweetums" rides and attractions everybody will enjoy their time.

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