Thursday, December 22, 2011

our moment with cebu pacific

killing time
I was able to book a Cebu Pacific Naga flight for me and Jayjay last February during the PTAA travel expo. I was happy that I had a good deal at 50% off then I learned that you can still get a much better deal that 50% off with these airlines seat sale (excited kasi first timer) it was still a good deal, not bad.

Our original flight schedule was December 05 but Jayjay’s grandmother died and he cannot go out that week, I decided as well not to go anymore. Weather was kinda gloomy for weeks now and I will surely not enjoy it all by myself. Then one afternoon while sleeping I received a call (2 weeks prior to our scheduled trip), I groggily answered the call and when I heard on the other line the word Cebu Pacific I became wide awake, the person on the other line advised me that they apologize for calling because their flight schedules for our trip was cancelled and if we would like to have it rescheduled.  I told him of course we would want to. Two weeks later we were in line for our 12NN Naga flight, when it was our turn, the ground attendant told us that they have to book us to the 3PM flight due to unavoidable circumstances, I asked them what circumstance was that and they’re trying to tell us several reasons but it all boiled down to one reason, the flight was full. I told them that when we were rescheduled they confirmed our reservation. I know that there’s nothing that I can do so we agreed to check in for the 3PM flight. At 3PM it was announced that our flight will be delayed and at 4.30PM they asked us to start boarding. We were already set and the engine and propellers were already running and then out of nowhere the captain’s voice was heard saying that they apologize but we won’t be able to fly due to limited sunlight, they say that Naga airport does not have runway lights. There was one family that started freaking out and was already cursing because they were at the terminal since 6AM and was rescheduled twice and they have kids and 2 babies with them. It was frustrating but being the praning that I was I did not push for it, the captain knows his plane and will not cancel a flight if it’s not necessary.

We were asked to go to one of the lanes and they offered a rescheduled flight the following morning or if we want they will provide transportation fee for us to take the bus. Jayjay and I decided to take the rescheduled flight, I did not anymore asked if they will have an accommodation for us during the night, I right away asked what hotel they’re checking us in (hehe assuming, in fairness me napala ako), they told us that a van will pick us up and will bring us to a hotel and the van will also bring us back to the airport. They also gave us a 1 way domestic voucher which can be claimed within 6 months from flight cancellation.

The hotel was just beside the Robinson’s Place Ermita, they also provided us with dinner. We dropped by Robinson’s Place to buy some stuff that we still need so we can head directly to Caramoan. We’re supposed to go to CWC but we won’t be able to do that anymore and will just be heading directly to Caramoan. At exactly 6:40AM we were asked to board the plane. After an hour and 20 minutes we landed at Naga Airport.

I know that sh**happens and I also understand that there are things that you cannot avoid, it’s just that people has a tendency of giving excuses and false reasoning. Filipinos are smart and considerate people you just need to give them the truth and well deserved explanation and we will understand. (bow!) 

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