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Le Soleil de Boracay

Le Soleil de Boracay

There are two things that I always consider in accommodation, clean and safe enough for us to sleep and nice staff. When we go places our main goal is to go explore the place and there is no point of spending most of your time inside your room, might as well not travel at all if that’s what you will do. A nice staff will also make your stay more relaxing. You might not have the clean and safe place but if they have the nice staff you may request them to do something about your room. You may have a clean room but rude stuff then you just have to bear and endure that, anyway you will not spend most of your time dealing with them. But if you have bad accommodation with rude stuff well I think you know what to do, look somewhere else haha!

hotel lobby
dining hall
With Le Soleil they have both (dapat lang at medyo mahal sya). For me the best thing about the resort was their staff. They were the nicest, most accommodating staff I have ever encountered. As there were a couple of girls with us who has the tendency to have a little “attitude" (bato bato sa langit tamaan wag magalit) and has a tendency to make a very small detail an issue, the staff were very patient with them and grants their demands requests promptly without rolling their eyes or even cursing murmuring beneath their breath.  The nightshift guard became our friend. I’m good with names I don’t even have to write them down but with this trip I don’t know why I cannot recall their names except for Kuya Jonathan and his paddle boards.

best staff ever
de luxe room

If you’re outside you will think that it was just a small resort but there’s a pathway right after the lobby to their pool area in the back and the other rooms. On our third day we had lunch at the pool area and we just bought rice and Andok’s and even if we did not bought the food in the resort the staff we’re attending to us as if we placed orders with them.

The resort is located in Station 2 and is near the D Mall. You will not worry walking long distances to look for food or other stuff that you need.

Our accommodation also includes free breakfast. It’s a combination of Filipino and American food, I enjoyed the bacon the most. If not for the waitress staying beside our table I could have sneaked lots of bacon strips for my lunch.

pool area

From what I have seen there were a lot of resorts to choose from. From budget-friendly to expensive to super expensive accommodations. And if you have the money to spend for an “expensive” accommodation, you may want to book with Le Soleil.

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