Sunday, June 10, 2012

summer end with my BFFs

summer end

How to end your summer? Spend it with your closest friends you’ll surely have a blast.

I started summer with my family and spent most of it with Jayjay and ended it with my closest friends.  I’ve known these people for years and have been my closest friends for the past decade of my life. I consider myself as blessed with friends but there will always be those few closest to your heart.

We initially planned a 3 days 2 nights vacation but we ended up going on an overnight trip due to schedule conflicts. We decided to go to Morong Bataan. I’ve been to Bataan before and what I always remember about Bataan was its big scary waves. We used Donnabel’s van and left Manila at around 9:00AM. We had our stopover in NLEX and arrived at Morong Bataan at around noon. If you plan to buy ice before heading to the resort of your choice do it before you enter Morong (OA presyo ng yelo sa kanila as in, nag-init kaming lahat sa tindero, me ice pick lang sya e hehe). But you may buy food and groceries in town.

our home for the night
We stayed at Oro Grande Sunrise Resort, we were able to rent their bungalow house for P2800, the bungalow has its own kitchen, bathroom, a sala with a sofa bed, a room and a veranda. We brought some food to lessen the expenses and a Gasulito (small gas burner). Us girls already started fixing the food and were following orders from Charisse - our resident chef.

way to the beach
After eating we checked the beach and the waves were big, bigger than what I used to remember. Donnabel told us that they were just in Morong last holy week and the water was calm. The boys already started the drinking spree and before the sun sets we forced them to rest for a while and go to the beach. There were still a lot of people enjoying the summer end and there were even people who almost drown. The current was so strong that when we tried to enjoy the water Donnabel was pushed feet away from us, she looks like she’s drowning but the water was only knee-high.

it's a beautiful day
After enjoying the setting sun we went back to the house to fix dinner and join the boys in the drinking session. We were like high school couples playing truth or dare games while drinking but it was fun. We had a Q and A game about yourself, life, family, relationship and future (ganun ata talaga pag tumatanda na hehe).

They were all pissed with me when I woke them up at 7:00AM the following day, I told them that we won’t enjoy the sun anymore if it’s already late and the sun will already be cancerous by that time. We recycled our leftovers for breakfast and went straight to the beach. It was such a beautiful day and enjoying it with your closest friends.

the BFFs
It was a very fun and special vacation, from the road trip to the lunch to dinner to the drinking session to swimming and all, we’re already planning for our next vacation. These are the best people I have in my life. Madaming salamat mga kaibigan!

EXPENSES (for 6 pax):

Food: P800
Accomodation: P2800
Gas and Toll (2 way): P816

***we also brought food and drinks to lessen expenses 

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