Tuesday, December 11, 2012

sagada echo valley and hanging coffins

hanging coffins

On our last day we planned to go to the Echo Valley and to check out the Hanging Coffins, we woke up early and walked our way near the basketball court. The day before, I’ve met Dan, he was one of the kids who offer guided tour going to echo valley and the hanging coffins. He charged P100 per pax. He was a little shy and I started making conversation with him and asked if he’s still going to school, he said yes and that he and his friends we’re doing this only during weekends, summer and whenever they don’t have classes, he said that he save some of the money and give the rest to his mother, good boy!

He then started pointing directions and telling stories about the echo valley and the hanging coffins (bumebwelo lang naman pala ang bata kala ko mahiyain). You’ll already have an idea just from its names.

We’ve reached the cemetery, this was where we stopped walking on our first day here in Sagada and based on the map we bought you have to walk thru the cemetery and the map is correct, you really have to cross the cemetery (as in literal na tawid hehe). Then there was a trail going down and Dan told us that it’s the area where you can have a good echo, I shouted (pero sablay pumiyok ako, nagdadalaga ate mo) and it did not sound so good so I just kept following Dan.

echo valley
There was a big wall and Dan told me that if I wish to wall climb that’s where they do it and I think SAGGAS was also offering wall climbing.

who wants to wall climb
Few minutes after (at 10 hingal kabayo) we reached the hanging coffins.  Dan told us that their ancestors were placed in the coffins like the shape of the fetus that’s why the coffins were small and that it the higher they were the closer it will be to heaven and also to protect them from animals. He’ll be one good guide in the future.

The echo valley and hanging coffins are worth visiting, your Sagada adventure will not be complete without going here, not only will it take you minutes to do it but also cheap.

a good guide in the making

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