Saturday, December 8, 2012

trek to bomod-ok falls

Bomod-Ok Falls
After having our breakfast on our second day, we rode a jeepney going to Bangaan in front of Eduardos Building which cost us P20 each and after 15 minutes we were already at the information center of the Bomod-ok Falls. We met Princess with her mother on the jeepney and they asked us if we’re going to the falls and asked us if we want to divide the P500 guide fee, but of course! We registered our names and off we trek! The first section of the trek was downhill and there was a part where you can see the top of the falls but it was still far from where we are. After 30 minutes we arrived at Fedelisan village where we were given a new guide Ate Martha and this is where you pay the guide fee of P500 plus P10 per head for the environmental fee, that was P135 each for the four of us. There’s also a comfort room where you can freshen up and they let you borrow their bamboo sticks that you can use as a trekking pole.

Fedelisan village from afar
trail going down

We again started our trek it was an awesome view, nature at its best. We walked through fields and we were on the mountains it was breathtaking. It took us an hour to reach the falls and good thing we were early because there were just one group and they’re leaving and we have the falls to ourselves. I don’t know how to swim and as much as I want to jump I can’t as it was deep and Ate Martha told us that you have to be a good swimmer if you wish to jump because the water is too strong. With that I just enjoyed the view of the majestic falls. I may not be able to jump from the highest point I just jump from the small rocks at the lower part of the falls hehe. 

The water was so cold is was body-numbing, I’m very weak with cold weather and when I dip on the water my teeth were grinding but the more I soak my body and keep it under water the more I get used to it. Jayjay was also enjoying the water and he was all smiles. There were kids around offering foot massage and I decided to try it and they told me to give any amount I wish, I don’t want to tire them and at their age they should be enjoying childhood and not working, after like 5 minutes I gave the 2 boys P50 (ang kuripot ko ba?) I think that at their age it was already a big amount and when I was their age I was thought not to be greedy (mukhang kuripot nga ata ako ah).

After the foot massage we then all went to the water and play and enjoy ourselves. It was like being a kid again, nothing in mind but playing. People started arriving and it can get a little crowded, we decided to stay for just an hour as it will be a long hike up. We took a different route going back and took the trail going to Aguid which was not as steep as the trail we took going down. We may be at the same mountain as going there but it was a different view truly amazing (ganyan kababaw kaligayan ko, masaya na ko sa mga ganitong bagay).

the kid in me
We reached the covered court of Aguid and there were vans waiting for those who visited the falls and there was also a jeepney going back to Sagada town, the jeepney going to Sagada costs P25 each.

It was a long trek and may challenge you physically, just take it one step at a time and trek at your own pace (pero wag namang OA na ayaw mo nalng lumakad ha), the view was amazing and once you’re there you will be rewarded with God’s gift and a wonderful experience.

  • bring drinking water
  • best to go in the morning
  • there's no changing room in the area

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