Monday, December 10, 2012

sagada food trip

On our first day we had our lunch at Yogurt House, it was already past 1:00PM but there were still a lot of people. There were a lot of dishes to choose from and we settled for their java chicken and beef curry and of course I tried their famous yoghurt and ordered 1 serving as Jayjay’s not that much of a yoghurt fan. They have a big serving and if you’re not that much of an eater 1 serving will already be good for 2. It was not that marvelous but it was good and very tasty, we paid P385 for our lunch and make sure not to come here if you're too hungry as it takes some time to serve your food.

java chicken
beef curry
yoghurt in the house
We always travel on a budget because it’s one of Jayjay’s conditions, if it will cost too much he will not join me and this was also my motto, this was what actually inspired me to finally do my travel dreams, with good quality research and plan, travelling is actually not that expensive, I was doing this not to stay in a 3 or 5 star hotels, it may not hurt to eat once in a while to a fancy restaurant that can only be experienced in that place or to treat yourself with good food but it’s ok with me if not and will gladly eat in eateries, what I want more is to experience the place, the food (in Jayjay’s case), its people and culture (drama ko noh). But seriously that’s what excites and inspires me to travel. Anyways enough about my dreams, going back. For dinner on our first day, we went inside the Eduardos Building, this is I think the largest establishment in town and went to the basement and found several eateries to choose from, we settled to the first eatery on the left side and ordered 2 dishes and we paid P215, their serving was good for 2.

On our 2 nights we had a drink at the veranda of the guesthouse, there was a store at the alley beside the guesthouse, their Red Horse 500 ML is for P35 and SanMig light also P35.

We plan to visit Bomod-ok Falls and Sumaguing cave on our second day, we woke up at 6:00AM and found out that there was a flea market few steps from where we’re staying and had our breakfast there. According to the locals the flea market is open only every Saturdays. They’re selling breakfast, fruits, vegetables, souvenirs and more. We ate arrozcaldo for breakfast for P90. We always travel with a 1.5 bottle of mineral water and just refill it to save on money, there was a water refilling station at the first floor of Sagada Guesthouse and we just had our bottle refilled, it’s P5 for a 1.5 liter bottle.

saturday flea market

After our trek to bomod-ok falls we had our lunch at the eatery in Eduardos building where we ate the night before and people and ordered only 1 dish and we paid P120.  We rest for a while and off we go to our sumaguing cave adventure.

It was such an experience and we were in awe with the natural beauty of the cave that we decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner. We decided to eat at Salt and Pepper Diner, we were hesitant at first because there was no other people eating considering it was dinner time, we ordered pork adobo and pork barbecue. It was just our first bite and we were very satisfied there was something with their dish that seems to pop on your tongue and enjoy this very delicious flavor (OA ko ba?), seriously that’s how we felt, we were very satisfied with what we ate and was worth paying P330. Even when we came back to Manila we’re still dreaming of their food LOL!

salt and pepper diner's veranda
yum! yum! yum!

On our last day we woke up early and found Dan my tour guide and came with us to the hanging coffins, then we went to Sagada Lemon Pie House, just walk down the road and you will notice it on the right side trust me you will not get lost, it’s the only road hehe. We had our breakfast there, their coffee costs P25 and 1 slice of lemon pie is P35, I bought 1 box as pasalubong for my tita for P180.

From what I have seen there are enough places to eat in Sagada that you can choose from that will suit your budget and satisfy your palette.

FOOD/DRINKS EXPENSES for 2: (for the entire trip)

FOOD: P1175

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Bernardette T said...

There are lots of restaurants and they have their own unique and indifferent recipe that they are proud of. Hope to visit all of those. Great post.

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