Monday, October 3, 2011

dinner cruise at manila bay

sun cruise's dinner by the bay
Manila bay dinner cruise was included in the Sun Cruise’s promo that I was able to get from the travel expo. We decided to join the 4:30-5:45PM cruise, since we arrived from the Corregidor tour at 3:45PM. You may actually use it on different dates but we decided to use it for one day to maximize time and also the tickets were about to expire. 

There were already people waiting in line for the 4:30PM cruise. It was not a buffet dinner, Jayjay and I were joking that they might serve the leftovers from the lunch buffet in Corregidor.

There was also another shipping line offering dinner cruise and we were surprised that there were a lot of people trying it. There was even a family were with whose celebrating the birthday of their grandma and I think they reserved the upper deck.

Sadly my camera battery run-off as well as Jayjay’s cell phone and I don’t have high-end cell phone that I can use to take pictures, so kindly bare with my pictures.

upper deck
The food was not super great but it was good not bad for a good promo. I enjoyed the soup the most.
good food, it's not that bad
We were sitted in the first deck (actually hindi ko talaga alam kung ano tawag sa part ng yacht na un, basta sa baba kami hehe).  After eating we went outside to enjoy the bay and the sunset. I was expecting foul odor coming from the bay but in fairness there was none. Or its because we were far away from the shores where you can easily smell the stinking garbage. Though we were cruising far from the shore there were still garbage that you will see. I strongly believe that it was still the people’s irresponsible way of throwing garbage that causes this problem. People should not be always blaming the government for this and other problems but instead should start from themselves and be responsible. Sorry guys this has been my sentiment since time immemorial.
Anyways, it was a little cloudy and the sun was shy and the water was also rough. It was wavy and made me dizzy.

I would categorize this dinner cruise as charged to experience will definitely go back if someone will treat me and pay for me free :)

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