Saturday, October 29, 2011

hot and cold in tagaytay

The boys has been doing this for a while taking a road trip going to Tagaytay late at night to sip hot bulalo soup. I want to join them but cannot because of work. That is why when I saw the opportunity to do so I took advantage of it.

After Von’s von voyage party, I asked them who wants to sip hot soup, next thing we know we were on our way to Tagaytay. 

After almost an hour and a half we arrived at Viewsite. I actually do not have any idea what part of Tagaytay we were in. Jayjay told me it was near the market. He said they use to go to one of the famous bulaluhan near the market but it was already closed at that hour.

Viewsite was along the highway open for 24 hours and there were several cars parked and we can hear people singing at the other side of the place. They have an open air dining area and you can see from the view deck the sleeping town of Cavite and some part of Manila (I think). One thing I’m sure is that the McDo arch was very visible from where we were.

We ordered bulalo, pork sisig and kare-kare. We were only 6 and thought that we should have not ordered too much. Make sure to sip the bulalo soup right away because it can get cold in minutes and you won’t be able to enjoy it much.

sebo galore!
yum yum!
We stayed for almost an hour and a half and savor the hot bulalo soup and the cold air of Tagaytay (wala nito sa Manila noh). 

Viewsite was a nice place to make a stop over or a road trip destination. The food was also good but make sure to eat it right away as it may get too cold for your palate.

chris, rob, kim, toto, jayjay and momot kuyit (taking pic)

FOOD: P900/6 = P150

TRANSPORTATION: care of Rob – thanks Rob!


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Makati Apartments said...

I love bulalo in tagaytay,Thats why we almost visit tagaytay twice a month ..